Blog Managing– Blog management services from an in-house team of exceptional writers and content marketers.


We founded Blog Managing after providing content writing and search engine optimization services professionally for many years. This is where our interest and passion for online B2B services transpired. We learned what it takes to provide successful services and most importantly, the impact that consistent quality, prompt support, and undeniable value can have on client retention.

We now own several digital B2B service companies and maintain a portfolio of websites. These services have been immensely valuable to our businesses and in many cases, it has been our own websites that served as the “test case” for their usefulness. Only when the value and results of these services were clear, were they brought to the public.

Blog management empowers your brand

Most forms of inbound marketing differ from traditional advertising. They don’t offer a guaranteed return. In some cases, any return at all is a long-term process.

It must be part of a company’s vision in order to come full-circle and it takes time and persistence.

There is no pay X in ads, get Y in traffic, convert Z into customers like with its counterpart, pay-per-click advertising. As SEO providers, we often encountered businesses that were seeking this more traditional form of advertising but wanted to somehow make it apply to search engine optimization. Unfortunately, whatever forms of this that once existed in SEO are now gone.

Search engine algorithms have adapted and overcome. They now penalize websites for having thin content that’s only agenda is to rank (Google Panda update) and penalize websites for low quality link building (Google Penguin update). Manipulating search engines like Google into ranking your website is no longer a predictable and measurable practice. It’s risky, unsafe and ultimately a waste of money that could have been used to build something better and more stable.

While there are ways to drive targeted results from blog content through better keyword research and product/service based topic coverage, the ultimate goal of a blog is to serve your audience and provide value. If you’re working from a rankings first perspective, this often gets neglected and the success of the blog suffers.

Search engines can no longer be gamed and they can’t be bought either – unless you’re paying for PPC.

PPC involves paying a website (usually search engines such as Google, through Google Adwords) for exposure and impressions. For each click your ad receives, you net a visitor to your website but you also pay a set rate for that click. Pay-per-click ads can cost anywhere from 1 cent per-click to several hundred dollars per-click depending on the competition and value of your target keywords.

When you spend a certain amount in PPC, you can calculate your traffic at the least. You can usually even calculate your profit and net return based on your website’s conversion rates.┬áContent marketing has no direct and paid exposure.

It’s your content that builds the foundation

With our blog management service, you’re building a wheel that creates momentum as it starts to roll further and further down the hill. It’s a vision that brands often see clearly but smaller businesses sometimes don’t have the investment to see it through.

It’s our goal to make blog management affordable, enabling more businesses to get behind the content marketing movement. Search engine optimization has changed considerably over the years but great content for your audience has remained the #1 most effective way to drive long-term results.

Coupled with guest post outreach, content can be the driving force of an inbound marketing strategy, both on-site and off-site.

Our in-house content writers make exceptional blog content within reach for any business that understands the importance of building a brand and expanding their exposure online.