Blog Management Services

From A Content Marketing Team of In-House Writers

Leverage SEO & brand awareness by adopting a blog and content writing strategy early. 

build your brand

Establish authority in your niche by building an impenetrable brand through quality content, the foundation of content marketing.

Gain a following

Your readership is a valuable asset to your brand. Our content serves your audience and provides solutions to common problems.

expand your presence

Search engines reward expanded topic coverage with better rankings. Drive traffic by expanding your reach to new, audience-serving topics.

increase traffic

Blog content provides long-term traffic that's targeted and entirely organic. SEO is evolving and content marketing is its predecessor.

Choose the perfect plan

Our blog management services range from 4 to 8 monthly posts and provide your audience with a healthy dose of fresh and high quality content.


Per month

  • 4 Blog Posts (1 weekly)
  • 1,000+ words
  • Premium writers
  • Proofread & edited
  • Keyword researched
  • SEO (fully optimized)
  • Publishing included
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Per month

  • 6 Blog Posts (1-2 weekly)
  • 1,000+ words
  • Premium writers
  • Proofread & edited
  • Keyword researched
  • SEO (fully optimized)
  • Publishing included
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Per month

  • 8 Blog Posts (2 weekly)
  • 1,000+ words
  • Premium writers
  • Proofread & edited
  • Keyword researched
  • SEO (fully optimized)
  • Publishing included
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Need something larger? No problem, just get in touch.


Not ready to commit?
Try our service with a single blog post

We understand budgets can run tight. If you're not ready for one of our blog management packages, or you'd like to test the service, we do provide a one-time trial post. Trial content is of the same high quality standards as our normal service. You can use this to test drive our content and see if we're a good fit for your business.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you provide long-form content such as 2,000+ words?

We absolutely do. As a blog management service, we're one of the few providers that is highly versatile. However, long-form content of 2,000 words or more is a custom service and not advertised on the website. By scheduling a time to get in touch, we're happy to go into more detail.

Why is 8 monthly blog posts your largest plan?

Our packages were designed for simplicity and easy ordering. If you'd prefer a much larger plan, such as for a prominent brand or a heavy content marketing campaign, we're perfectly capable of catering to your needs. Feel free to schedule a time to get in touch.

What platforms will you publish to?

We're competent in any website backend, provided it's a modern content management system. While our publishers prefer to and mostly publish to WordPress, we're happy to meet your needs regardless of which CMS your website was built upon.

Can you send the articles in document form or save as a draft instead?

Rather than publishing as a live post on your website, by special instruction we'll inform the publisher to send the content in Word documents to your email address. Our checkout system will address your specific needs as well, such as if you'd rather the posts be published as a draft instead of published live.

Can you use my WordPress page builder plugin to add the content?

Unfortunately because of the widespread use of WordPress page builders, we will be unable to publish your content if you require the use of one of these plugins. We developed this policy because our publishers experienced difficulty staying competent with the many pager builders and drag-and-drop design plugins on the market.

Do you add the target keyword into Yoast SEO as the focus keyword?

If you are using Yoast SEO, you are in luck! Since Yoast is the most popular SEO plugin and has remained that way for some time, our publishers will add the focus keyword to Yoast's settings when publishing your content. Keep in mind, if you're using the Pro version, we will only add one focus keyword. Additionally, Yoast's red/yellow/green visual of page optimization is not always accurate. Some of the factors the system uses are too strict and therefore your blog posts may display as yellow or possibly red, even if they are already optimized.

What Our clients say

"We're an agency that has had bad experiences with freelance writers and were looking for something hands off. Blog Managing has been a real comfort to work with."
Chris sheed
Content Coordinator
"Our experience with Blog Managing has been good. Their prices are lower than most and for the quality, it's a good deal."
mark lane
"Good content quality, high quality images, lower prices than my previous writers, I can't really ask for more."
Shelby harris
Development Agency
"I don't mind writing a good review because the more clients they have, the better they can make the service. It has been great. Content is top notch and they constantly work to improve things."
Julia mcdowd
Marketing Manager